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To Start Process

Please email me details & photos your project. I have many swatch book options you can look through or you're welcome to find the fabric on your own (with my guidance for the appropriate type.) 

Once fabric & any supplies needed are in house you'll be added on my wait list. I aim for a turn around time as soon as possible but remember I am the only one in my home based business. Therefore, patience is key as I like to do a very meticulous & through job on everything that comes out of my workroom!

Most projects can be completed within a week but start times will vary depending on the jobs in order of received.  We will arrange pick up of the piece, which I will work on in my workshop, unless it's a couch/sofa which I will come to pin-fit in your home & sew together in my workroom.

Fabric Prep

If you want the slipcover to be machine washable (& it's washable fabric) it will need to be laundered, dried & ironed (if needed) before beginning. My fee to do this service is $4/yd.

**If you get your fabric you're welcome to prep & pre-shrink as follows:

1. Cut the fabric into 6-8 yard lengths

2. Wash each piece separately in hot water

3. Dry each piece separately on high heat until fully dry (remove from dryer as soon as cycle done)

4. Iron as needed

5. Roll back onto bolt

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